2nd International Conference on Computer Science , Engineering and Applied Science ( ICCSEAS 2017 )
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Call for Papers :
The Scientific Committee encourages you to submit your Original papers for 2nd ICCSEAS 2017 . The Papers should be written in English, the official language of the event.
2nd ICCSEAS 2017 brings together leading academics and professionals in Computer Science , Engineering and Applied Science from around the world. It aims at providing a platform for discussions on issues that take into consideration the social and technological aspects of Computer Science , Engineering and Applied Science . The conference program includes paper presentation, keynote talks from prominent academics .
Some topics included but not limited

Intelligent and Bio-inspired Computing
Dependable, Reliable and Autonomic Computing
Scientific and Engineering Computing
Applied Science
Big Data Analytic
Applied Physics
Cluster, Grid, P2P and Cloud Computing
Computational Social Systems
Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications
Environmental Engineering
CSE Education
Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing
Distributed and Parallel Computing
Advanced Networking and Applications
Service and Internet Computing
Security, Privacy and Trust
Information Technology
Green Computing
Machine Learning,
Smart Computing,
Predictive Analysis,
Mobile Programming,
big data,
Computer architecture,
Computational & Synthetic Biology,
Computer Graphics,
Vision, Animation,
Game Science,
Computing for Development,
Data Management, 
Human Computer Interaction,
Natural Language Processing,
Programming Languages and Software Engineering,
Robotics, Security & Privacy,
Systems and Networking,
Theory of Computation,
Ubiquitous Computing,
Wireless and Sensor Systems,
 Using IT to reduce carbon emissions,
Energy-aware computing,
Smart grid and micro grids,
Sustainable computing.
Algorithms and Bioinformatics
Computer Architecture and Real Time Systems
Database and Data Mining

Dependable, Reliable and Autonomic Computing
Distributed and Parallel Systems & Algorithms
DSP/Image Processing/Pattern Recognition/Multimedia
Embedded System and Software
Game and Software Engineering
Geographical Information Systems/ Global
Navigation Satellite Systems (GIS/GNSS)
Grid and Scalable Computing
Intelligent Information & Database Systems
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Multimedia Systems and Services
Networking and Communications
Performance Evaluation
Programming Languages
Security and Information Assurance
Soft Computing (AI, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, etc.)
Software Engineering
Web and Internet Computing
Theoretical Computer Science
Natural Language Processing
Operating Systems
Compiler Design
Computer Education
Modeling and Simulation
Advanced Manufacturing, Robotic and Sensor Technology
Building Science and Technology
Computer Sciences
Construction Technology
Information, Communication and Technology
Energy and Green Technology
Environmental Sciences and Technology
Fundamental and Applied Sciences
Mathematics and Statistics
Modeling and Simulation
Management of Technology
Operational research
Sustainable Technology
Technology and Operational Science
Transportation and Logistics Technology
Value Engineering
Other Topics in Technologies and Sciences Applications